3 engagements, 1 business, no thorns.

It's hard to believe I'm starting my own business! I've watched every episode of Shark Tank always waiting for the day my own idea would spark - and here we are! Where to start....

Would you believe that 3 of my closest friends ALL became engaged recently? Three! It's an exciting time! I was the first of my friends to get married, so in a lot of ways, I've tested the waters. Somehow in the last 6 years I've become to go-to girl for how to plan a wedding: a role I cherish. I don't really view myself as an event planner, or even an event coordinator...I'm the details girl. I'm the girl who will show up and spend countless hours writing or tying or pinning until my fingers cramp. I'm the girl who will curate a thoughtful gift to go with the wedding palette or research tirelessly until that balloon installation comes to life! No idea is too big or too small for me - if it's wanted, I'll make it happen. Ultimately, I'm the one who will play Macgyver the day of when the inevitable hiccup comes - but until then - I am the girl who will cheer endlessly for the perfect day, because every bride is perfect and deserves for her day to feel that way.

When I think back on my own wedding (July 6, 2014), my favorite detail hands down was the flowers. I loved the way the blush rose and white hydrangea petals sat softly next to the bright lime hypericum berries. Throughout my venue, I had touches of pink and white flowers that really helped tie everything together. It was that day that my passion for event florals started - in the swirl of emotions, summer heat, and the walking boot I had to wear (...remember how I said the hiccup will come? ask me about my pre-wedding injury...) In an effort to save money I did the floral design and event decor myself, only asking a local florist to execute my vision day of on the bouquets. This transitioned into doing other weddings and events for friends over the years, culminating in the beginnings of this business.

So what do I want the River Road Floral Co. bride to expect? A floral artist who will work tirelessly for her details to come to life. A consumer experience that is thoughtful, transparent, and celebratory. Above all, confidence in the service provided. A bride will plan for her wedding day for what feels like forever, only to blink and watch it go by. My goal is that you don't lose the forest for the trees, or should I say, the rose bush for the thorns.

With harmony,


Photos from my wedding day, courtesy of Lindsay Fauver Photography:

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